Downloading Facebook Videos To Your iPod!

A few posts ago, I wrote an article on how to download YouTube videos using Firefox with the GreaseMonkey add on. Now, we’ll cover how to download videos from Facebook. A lot of the text was similar, so instead of creating a completely original post I copied and edited my original post.
First, you will (obviously) need a Facebook account and you will need the Video application installed in order to watch any videos. The application is created by Facebook, so its a trustworthy application.

I’m not aware of any websites that you can use to download Facebook videos – you will need to go the software route. Personally I don’t see this as a downfall at all, because I can simply click “Download Video” while watching it without having to remember a lengthy URL of any sort. Also, I find it worthwhile because Facebook videos are generally better in quality (bit rate).

Let’s begin!

  1. After installing Firefox, get the Grease Monkey add on – located here – you will need to restart Firefox after installing this add on.
  2. Download and install the Facebook Video userscript – located here
  3. Once the script has been installed, simply go to Facebook and find a video you like – underneath the player, to the right is a “Download Video” link (if it doesn’t show up, restart your browser). The link is located under the large “Share” button. Once you click the link, you will be offered an FLV file – find a place on your hard drive to save it and press OK. You’ve successfully downloaded your first video from Facebook!

But.. you can’t play this video in most players! You need some kind of FLV player, such as the one found here, or you need to convert it to a different format. I personally use Videora iPod converter to convert all types of video to iPod format, but you could easily use Quicktime Pro to convert or any other major conversion software. Just Google both programs to find the relevant websites. Once you’ve converted it, pop it into iTunes, transfer it to your iPod, and enjoy your new video!

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6 Responses to “Downloading Facebook Videos To Your iPod!”

  1. Mike Medley says:

    Script Author Here. You could also click the “Convert Video” button to convert the video to a format of your choice before downloading it. This is done with which only requires an email account.

  2. Samad says:

    Interesting.. Didn’t know about that. Thanks!

  3. amd851 says:


  4. amd851 says:

    there’s no “download video” link below ‘share’ and i’ve reset the browser at least 5 times…

  5. Samad says:

    This post is over a year old.. Facebook has changed their front end since.